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Why Us


Designer Baby Clothes JUST FOR BOYS!


Designer Baby Boys ClothingIf you think baby boys deserve gorgeous designer clothes just like little girls, than we’re all on the same page! It’s all about boys at Mida.

We believe that every little boy deserves fun, adventure, imagination, sweet dreams, and all things exciting! Just to be a little boy is an adventure in rough and tumble, discovery and a little bit of mud.

Our designs are inspired by little boys’ dreams, imaginations, things they love… We are obsessed with making clothes that little boys would choose to wear when they play, seek adventure or even just sleep.

Stop being disappointed by clothes for boys hidden in tiny department store corners. Looking for cool toddler jeans? You’ve found them. Don’t want boys board shorts that EVERY OTHER BOY has? Check these bad boys out and buy boys clothes online!


Unique, designer baby clothes – Stand Out on the Playground!


Browse beautiful clothes for boys, cool toddler clothes and designer baby boys clothes that you just won’t find anywhere else. Using only custom-made fabric to ensure the durability, softness and uniqueness of our products, Mida’s designs have cool looking clothes that suit little boys running all around this sunburnt country.

We know little boys are made of slugs and snails or puppy-dogs’ tails, but we love them. Do you have a little man in your life? Look what we have got for him.

Get excited about fashion for your little man and buy boys clothing from Mida!


Designer baby clothes and big boy clothes for BOYS ONLY! Because boys rule at Mida!


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