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Warm Winter Pyjamas


warm winter pyjamas for boys

Keep your little boy snuggly warm!

What’s Cool At Mida


Here at Mida we’re ready for winter.

Ready for those cozy evenings drinking hot chocolate under a warm blanket. Ready for that last goodnight cuddle before bedtime on a chilly winter’s night.

So we’ve made sure our winter pyjamas are also ready. Because although little boys may act like big boys during the day, at night time they need to be tucked up in bed and kept toasty warm all night long. So make sure you stock up on sweet, warm winter pyjamas.



100% Cotton Winter PJs


See, the great thing about our pj’s is that they are not made from nasty synthetic fabrics. Instead they are all lovingly made from 100% cotton.This means the cotton will breathe and not only keep your little boy warm on an icy evening, but will also keep him cool and comfortable while he nods off into dreamland. So he is not going to be waking up hot and sweaty during the night and he won’t have that “getting up chill”.


Boys Car Pjs

MIDA Car Pjs

Our designer winter pyjamas are not just made for comfort, they also look adorable! With the matching long sleeve top and pajama pants, they are perfect for that special little man in your life. They’re playful and they’re fun. No matter if he is car crazy, obsessed with trains or loves soccer, we have a pair of winter pyjamas that are the ideal match for him. What little boy wouldn’t love to continue playing after his bath time? With our unique PJ sets, he can drift off to sleep dreaming of the train or the stripy whale on his pajama top…. or maybe even the wide eyed owl!


So if your little boy is going to be playing with the boys at a sleepover or even just relaxing with the family at home this winter, make sure he’s wearing some of our gorgeous, warm pyjamas. Soft and comfy, they are just what he needs when he is finally tucked up in his bed.


MIDA Boys Train Pjs - handcrafted train

Pjs with handcrafted train

At Mida we make sure our clothes are not only beautifully sewn, but are tough and made to last. So for winter pyjamas that are cozy, warm and ready to take on the whole winter (and even winters to come), head on over and see our super boys pyjamas selection.

Your little boy will be sure to enjoy his new winter pyjamas……sweet dreams!


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