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Kids Winter Clothes

Winter Clothes For Kids – Why Natural = Warm!


kids winter clothes for boys

MIDA boys wintter jumper

So it’s nearly winter! Brrrrr! Time to think about winter clothes for your kids. You want stylish, comfy winter clothes that he can play outside in… jumping, climbing, chasing and running! You know your little boy – winter’s not going to slow him down! But most of all you want to make sure his clothes will keep him warm and toasty.

What not to buy this winter

So think about the fabric the clothes are made from. The clothes are going to be worn against your little boy’s skin. So you want something that is going to keep him warm, but is not going to trap perspiration and make him hot and sweaty!
So make sure you avoid synthetic fabrics. The best suggestion is to buy clothes made from natural fabrics! Why? It’s simple. Natural fibres are the best to keep you warm!

Natural Fibres

Winter t-shirt for little boys

Winter T-shirt

You can get natural fibres from plants and animals. Did you know cotton is the world’s most popular natural fibre? It’s used to make T-shirts, jumpers, jeans… to name a few! And the most popular natural fibre from animals is wool. Wool is used for making jumpers, suits, blankets…and the list goes on!
Natural fibres are great because they breathe. This means they are warm in winter and cool in summer. In fact, whereas synthetics trap in the perspiration and can be the cause of rashes or fungus infections, cotton breathes extremely well. Its natural fibres will keep your little boy warm but it’s not going to make him hot, sweaty and uncomfortable!
Natural fibres also “wick”. Wicking is where the fibre actively draws sweat away from your child’s skin. This is important especially in winter because all that running around makes kids sweaty – and then they stop running. If your boy’s clothes are made from natural fibre, the sweat will be drawn away and his body heat will cause the fibres to “swell” keeping him warm. If they’re synthetic, the sweat will stay on his skin, and the cool winter air will turn it cold fast – covering your little boy is a cold wet layer!


Boys track pants

Cute and smart track pants

This is another big plus for mums of kids with eczema or dermatitis. Natural fibres are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin that’s prone to allergies or eczema. This is great news for children with their soft, delicate skin.
Making gorgeous, comfy and warm clothes is something we believe in here at Mida. We’ve got a great range of winter clothes made from natural fibres for your little one to keep him looking adorable – and warm this winter! Most of our clothes are made from 100% cotton. No matter if you’re looking for 100% cotton pyjamas, jumpers, pants or hoodies, we have it all! Remember, natural fibres are the best choice for winter clothes for kids (and even mums and dads too!)

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