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Kids Pyjamas


What’s hot in kids pyjamas?

What’s hot in kids pyjamas? Well, hopefully not your kids, for starters! Getting pyjamas right for the season is the first step in ensuring your children get a great night’s sleep. Pyjamas also need to be comfortable – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. Check out some of the latest trends and our practical suggestions for choosing kids pyjamas.


kids pyjamas


Fun and practical is the right combination for kids


boys stick horse pjsKids do a few strange things while they sleep. We all toss and turn through the night occasionally, but kids can manage to get their feet up the wall or their heads at the foot end – and remain fast asleep! Their body temperatures also fluctuate during the night, and they are not always capable of getting their covers or blankets in the optimal position. Both girls and boys pyjamas therefore need to allow freedom of movement and flexibility in temperature.  100% cotton pyjamas are ideal as they allow the skin to breathe, and wick moisture away from sweaty little bodies.  Cotton pyjamas can help your child regulate their temperature, staying cooler in summer and warmer in winter.   It’s also a soft, flexible fabric which offers maximum comfort.   (Check out our selection of boys cotton pyjamas)

For winter kids pyjamas, look for outfits with legging-style pants, or fitted cuffs, as these are less likely to ride up overnight. And don’t forget kids need pants that are easy to take on and off for overnight trips to the little boys (or girls) room. There’s been a huge trend in the northern hemisphere this winter for ‘onesies’ – all in one jumpsuits for all ages. It’s a fun idea, but it is probably more practical to go for coordinated separates in comfortable fabrics with elasticized waists to reduce the risk of night time accidents.


Fun and fashionable pyjamas for big boys and girl


Boys Clothes MIDA Fishman Pjs

Few people are likely to notice what a newborn baby wears to bed, so comfort is the most important consideration. As kids get older though, their pyjamas become a fashion item like any other clothing. Help your children choose funky kids pyjamas they’ll love to wear. They’ll enjoy showing off their unique style at grandma’s house, first sleepovers or school camps. Colour trends at the moment include bold navy and red in combinations of stripes and block colours. There’s also a huge range of original characters and emblems available in kids pyjamas these days – you don’t need to go for the same old licensed characters (or worse, Beiber!)

Kids pyjamas need to be practical to facilitate a solid night’s sleep, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. Help your child choose unique pyjamas that they’ll love to wear in colourful, comfortable designs.

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