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Cotton Sleepwear

Nature cotton

Why Cotton Rocks For Sleepwear?

Cotton sleepwear – does it really make a difference for your little boy? And what’s the difference between cotton sleepwear and sleepwear made from other fabrics like polyester? If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about the benefits of cotton for pyjamas, read on!

These days you’ll find plenty of pyjamas are made from synthetic fibers like polyester. The downside of this is that because they are synthetic, they will not breathe. Now if you live in a warm climate, and especially if it gets quite humid (talking to you Queensland and Northern Territory!), alarm bells should start ringing! Because in warm weather your little man is going to be more likely to wake up hot and sweaty when wearing polyester as his pjs will trap the heat and moisture that naturally accumulates through the night. He’s going to wake up feeling yuck and probably pretty grumpy too!


Cotton on the other hand is a natural fibre and it breathes extremely well, absorbing any moisture and allowing any heat to pass through quickly. But cotton has another useful quality. It also retains heat very well by naturally swelling to his body heat when it’s cold outside. So your little boy will keep cool all night long on a warm night and yet be kept warm all night when the nights turn a bit chilly during the cooler months.


So… Cotton On To Cotton!


Cotton ThreadCotton is more durable than polyester so your sleepwear will last longer than just a season! Mums and dad will be pleased to hear that especially if their little boy is an active sleeper and tosses and turns a lot during the night! But don’t worry that cotton is all stiff and scratchy! That means extra snuggly factor for the boys as they cosy up with the sleepwear close to their soft skin. Cotton is also resistant to dust mites and is hypoallergenic, which makes cotton sleepwear the perfect choice for kiddies who have allergies or asthma.

So next time you’re looking to buy sleepwear, consider cotton sleepwear. It’s not only hard wearing but also hard working! It’s sure to give your son a peaceful and undisturbed night’s sleep by helping regulate his temperature and yet being soft and snuggly, so he can wake up refreshed and ready to play!


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Buying Kids PJs Online

Buying kids pjs online for your little man is a great idea.

It will save you time and hassle! No need to bundle your little boy into the car and trundle off to the shops, to hunt for pyjamas in his size and then have to endure the fitting room/check out/junk food/overpriced ride on toy fiasco. Instead you can browse at your leisure and simply choose what you like and with a click of a button, you’re done!

An added bonus of online shopping is that you have a much wider range of shops to choose from – including boutique shops that sell gorgeous, designer pyjamas – not just the stock standard stuff at discount department stores. But before you get started on surfing the net for your purchase of kids pjs online, take a read through our guide to make sure you buy the best kids pjs for your little boy!

Tips for buying pjs online

Pjs (photo a day) by Fat Mum Slim

Photo credited to Fat Mum Slim



• Take the time to measure your little man. You can then compare these measurements to the retailer’s sizing chart and chose the most relevant size. That way you know the jarmies are going to be the perfect fit! Some retailers might even make a size suggestion if the sizing of the pyjamas is slightly on the smaller or larger size.

• Choose a trusted, secure retailer. Do your homework. Make sure the retailer you are buying from is a reputable one. The last thing you want is for your credit card details to be compromised! Choose a name that you know and trust and check out their Facebook community to verify that other mums love them too.

• Have a look at the retailer’s policies. You want to make sure that in the unlikely event that your purchase is not as you want, you are able to return it for a full refund. And what about their policy on postage? Don’t forget that the postage cost still needs to be added onto the price of the item.

• Buy quality. You want the kids pjs to last beyond just this winter season. Make sure that you buy quality pyjamas that are well sewn and are also made from quality fabric. The best fabric for winter pyjamas is cotton. 100% cotton in fact. It will keep your little man warm at night, but also ensure that it breathes and releases the heat. This means he can have a comfortable, peaceful sleep and not wake up hot and sweaty!

By using these top tips, you’re sure to purchase the perfect set of kids pjs online for your little boy! Happy shopping….!


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Boys Jeans

boys jeans from mida

Little train running on the pocket!

Why your little boy needs Mida Jeans

Not all kids jeans are created equal. Some seem determined to restrict growing little boys legs and keep them away from their favorite activities.

The primary selling point of Mida boys jeans is that each pair is designed specifically to encourage little boys to play and explore in comfort, whilst at the same time be as durable as usual denim jeans.

From rolled up jeans to skinny jeans, boys jeans come in wide range. With the latest fabric innovation, Mida added track pants to the mix.



What??? Track pants – jeans?
Yes, Mida boys jeans are as comfy as track pants, so easy for little boys to wear, and with design features such as the train finishing we are sure every little boy will love them.

Here they are!

MIDA Jeans

These special jeans come in 2 styles: pull-on straight legs style and roll-up skinny legs style. All styles are made out of a very special fabric – Jersey Knit Denim

Jersey knit denim

Jersey knit denim

Thanks to this fabric invention, it makes Mida jeans feel as soft and comfy as track pants.

This innovative material looks like traditional denim, but feels like thick t-shirt fabric.
Made from 100% cotton, this knitted fabric has great durability and softness that is desirable for tender young skin.Garment made of this fabric require less pressing and care, and are comfortable to wear.


Our pull-on straight leg style come with wide elastic waist band, mock-flyer and an embellished back pocket. The structure of these pull-on pants makes it so easy for little toddlers to dress themselves.
The roll-up jeans features the embellished roll-up hem, and adjustable wait and zipper. This style is more suitable for thin little boys with long legs.


Growth spurt anyone?

Growth Spurt

Tom just had a growth spurt recently… Thanks to these rolled-up jeans, Tom just rolled the hem down and here we go – a pair of skinny jeans to fit his long and thin legs.

Personally I am not a fan of skinny jeans because they are not comfy enough for kids to wear, but these jeans are incredibly soft that feels like your favourite old t-shirt yet durable.


How can you tell if a pair of jeans is soft enough for your little boy to wear?

One way is to try and tie a pair of jeans into a knot.

Sound silly? It isn’t.

The point is, when the jeans are too tough and stiff, it is very difficult to tie them into a knot.

2 pairs of jeans

We chose a pair of traditional denim jeans which almost has the same cut and length to compare with. These two pairs of jeans have both been worn for a year by the same little boy.

make a knot

Ta-dah-lah! The traditional denim jeans only just made it. On the other hand, it is so much easier to tie our Mida jeans into a knot or even two knots – it just like tie a knot with a scarf!
Traditional denim material is durable and comfy for adults to wear but it can be too rough on tender young legs. We believe that boys clothing needs to be as durable as denim but at the same time soft and comfortable.


What little boy does not like train?


Train Track Fabric designed by Saffron CraigGuess what? These jeans are designed with an enthusiastic little train lover in mind!
My son, Thomas (yes, real name) loves trains. He plays his trains and tracks on the ground for hours every day. When he plays, he certainly needs a pair of durable yet super comfy soft jeans embellished with train themed fabric…
Thanks to Saffron Craig, who designed this “train running on track” fabric pattern especially for Mida.
Every little boy deserves a pair of Mida train track jeans. Shop now from here.

Boys Denim Jeans MIDA Train Track hemed

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Kids Winter Clothes

Winter Clothes For Kids – Why Natural = Warm!


kids winter clothes for boys

MIDA boys wintter jumper

So it’s nearly winter! Brrrrr! Time to think about winter clothes for your kids. You want stylish, comfy winter clothes that he can play outside in… jumping, climbing, chasing and running! You know your little boy – winter’s not going to slow him down! But most of all you want to make sure his clothes will keep him warm and toasty.

What not to buy this winter

So think about the fabric the clothes are made from. The clothes are going to be worn against your little boy’s skin. So you want something that is going to keep him warm, but is not going to trap perspiration and make him hot and sweaty!
So make sure you avoid synthetic fabrics. The best suggestion is to buy clothes made from natural fabrics! Why? It’s simple. Natural fibres are the best to keep you warm!

Natural Fibres

Winter t-shirt for little boys

Winter T-shirt

You can get natural fibres from plants and animals. Did you know cotton is the world’s most popular natural fibre? It’s used to make T-shirts, jumpers, jeans… to name a few! And the most popular natural fibre from animals is wool. Wool is used for making jumpers, suits, blankets…and the list goes on!
Natural fibres are great because they breathe. This means they are warm in winter and cool in summer. In fact, whereas synthetics trap in the perspiration and can be the cause of rashes or fungus infections, cotton breathes extremely well. Its natural fibres will keep your little boy warm but it’s not going to make him hot, sweaty and uncomfortable!
Natural fibres also “wick”. Wicking is where the fibre actively draws sweat away from your child’s skin. This is important especially in winter because all that running around makes kids sweaty – and then they stop running. If your boy’s clothes are made from natural fibre, the sweat will be drawn away and his body heat will cause the fibres to “swell” keeping him warm. If they’re synthetic, the sweat will stay on his skin, and the cool winter air will turn it cold fast – covering your little boy is a cold wet layer!


Boys track pants

Cute and smart track pants

This is another big plus for mums of kids with eczema or dermatitis. Natural fibres are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin that’s prone to allergies or eczema. This is great news for children with their soft, delicate skin.
Making gorgeous, comfy and warm clothes is something we believe in here at Mida. We’ve got a great range of winter clothes made from natural fibres for your little one to keep him looking adorable – and warm this winter! Most of our clothes are made from 100% cotton. No matter if you’re looking for 100% cotton pyjamas, jumpers, pants or hoodies, we have it all! Remember, natural fibres are the best choice for winter clothes for kids (and even mums and dads too!)

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Boys Sleepovers


Boys Sleepovers

The perfect boys pjs for sleepovers


What To Pack For Little Boys Sleepovers

Pack up your little boy’s pyjamas, it’s time for his first ever sleepover!

Sleepovers are great fun for little boys! It’s the chance for your little man to hang out with his friends, eat lots of sugary snacks, watch silly movies and stay up late. It’s also his big chance to be his own man away from his mum and dad! That’s a big big thing for a little boy!

To make sure he has a good time, you should pack all the things he’ll need so he’s comfortable… but you don’t want to over pack! You certainly don’t want him to be THAT KID, a laughing stock with way too much stuff his mum packed for him! So to help you nail the packing, we’ve compiled a list of what to pack for sleepovers. Have a read through and bookmark the page for future reference too!



Sleepover EssentialsSleepover Essentials

• Pyjamas! Make sure your little boy has a nice fresh pair as the boys are sure to play about in their pyjamas before bed. And if your child is occasionally wetting the bed, it’s a good idea to pack an extra pair of pyjamas and some pull-ups, just in case!
• Pack two pairs of clothes for the next day. It’s a good idea to pack clothes your little boy can layer up in case the house is colder or warmer than yours. A couple of T-shirts, long sleeved T-shirts or hoodies are a great ideal. Find out if you need to bring any clothes for specific activities eg swimming.
• Decide if your little boy will be most comfortable in a sleeping bag or with a doona. And don’t forget a pillow!
• Pack his towel and facecloth.
• Put his toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, comb and soap all in a resealable plastic bag. That way if they get squished in his bag he won’t end up with toothpaste all over everything!
• Depending on his age, you can add his favourite stuffed animal or toy or anything else he may need to fall asleep. You want to make sure he is comfortable as he drifts off to sleep. Even if he’s all grown up and big now, the first night away from mum and dad can be tough, a much loved companion goes a long way to being a big kid.
• Write a list of numbers to reach you in case of an emergency. You probably have exchanged phone numbers with the parents of the child having the sleepover before, but it won’t hurt to do it again.
• Let the parents know if your child has any allergies or prescribed medication, and any specific instructions. Make sure you hand the medicine over when you arrive and your child knows where it is.



kids PyjamasFun Sleepover Extras – Just for Boys!

• Find out beforehand if you are expected to bring any items for the party eg. A mask for a Halloween themed party or play clothes for any messy activities.
• A fun idea is to pack some goodies for your little boy to share with the group. Perhaps a special snack or even some little toy cars.
• If girly sleepovers are always about makeovers, boy’s sleepovers are generally about ghost stories!
Sending your boy with some spooky tales or props can make for an extra scarrrrrrrry night!

By using our handy list as a guide, you’ll make sure you pack everything you need to for sleepovers. And by avoiding packing too much, you’ll save your little one any potential embarrassment! So use our list and relax knowing your little boy has everything he needs for his first big boys sleepover party!

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Warm Winter Pyjamas


warm winter pyjamas for boys

Keep your little boy snuggly warm!

What’s Cool At Mida


Here at Mida we’re ready for winter.

Ready for those cozy evenings drinking hot chocolate under a warm blanket. Ready for that last goodnight cuddle before bedtime on a chilly winter’s night.

So we’ve made sure our winter pyjamas are also ready. Because although little boys may act like big boys during the day, at night time they need to be tucked up in bed and kept toasty warm all night long. So make sure you stock up on sweet, warm winter pyjamas.



100% Cotton Winter PJs


See, the great thing about our pj’s is that they are not made from nasty synthetic fabrics. Instead they are all lovingly made from 100% cotton.This means the cotton will breathe and not only keep your little boy warm on an icy evening, but will also keep him cool and comfortable while he nods off into dreamland. So he is not going to be waking up hot and sweaty during the night and he won’t have that “getting up chill”.


Boys Car Pjs

MIDA Car Pjs

Our designer winter pyjamas are not just made for comfort, they also look adorable! With the matching long sleeve top and pajama pants, they are perfect for that special little man in your life. They’re playful and they’re fun. No matter if he is car crazy, obsessed with trains or loves soccer, we have a pair of winter pyjamas that are the ideal match for him. What little boy wouldn’t love to continue playing after his bath time? With our unique PJ sets, he can drift off to sleep dreaming of the train or the stripy whale on his pajama top…. or maybe even the wide eyed owl!


So if your little boy is going to be playing with the boys at a sleepover or even just relaxing with the family at home this winter, make sure he’s wearing some of our gorgeous, warm pyjamas. Soft and comfy, they are just what he needs when he is finally tucked up in his bed.


MIDA Boys Train Pjs - handcrafted train

Pjs with handcrafted train

At Mida we make sure our clothes are not only beautifully sewn, but are tough and made to last. So for winter pyjamas that are cozy, warm and ready to take on the whole winter (and even winters to come), head on over and see our super boys pyjamas selection.

Your little boy will be sure to enjoy his new winter pyjamas……sweet dreams!


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