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Boys Jeans

boys jeans from mida

Little train running on the pocket!

Why your little boy needs Mida Jeans

Not all kids jeans are created equal. Some seem determined to restrict growing little boys legs and keep them away from their favorite activities.

The primary selling point of Mida boys jeans is that each pair is designed specifically to encourage little boys to play and explore in comfort, whilst at the same time be as durable as usual denim jeans.

From rolled up jeans to skinny jeans, boys jeans come in wide range. With the latest fabric innovation, Mida added track pants to the mix.



What??? Track pants – jeans?
Yes, Mida boys jeans are as comfy as track pants, so easy for little boys to wear, and with design features such as the train finishing we are sure every little boy will love them.

Here they are!

MIDA Jeans

These special jeans come in 2 styles: pull-on straight legs style and roll-up skinny legs style. All styles are made out of a very special fabric – Jersey Knit Denim

Jersey knit denim

Jersey knit denim

Thanks to this fabric invention, it makes Mida jeans feel as soft and comfy as track pants.

This innovative material looks like traditional denim, but feels like thick t-shirt fabric.
Made from 100% cotton, this knitted fabric has great durability and softness that is desirable for tender young skin.Garment made of this fabric require less pressing and care, and are comfortable to wear.


Our pull-on straight leg style come with wide elastic waist band, mock-flyer and an embellished back pocket. The structure of these pull-on pants makes it so easy for little toddlers to dress themselves.
The roll-up jeans features the embellished roll-up hem, and adjustable wait and zipper. This style is more suitable for thin little boys with long legs.


Growth spurt anyone?

Growth Spurt

Tom just had a growth spurt recently… Thanks to these rolled-up jeans, Tom just rolled the hem down and here we go – a pair of skinny jeans to fit his long and thin legs.

Personally I am not a fan of skinny jeans because they are not comfy enough for kids to wear, but these jeans are incredibly soft that feels like your favourite old t-shirt yet durable.


How can you tell if a pair of jeans is soft enough for your little boy to wear?

One way is to try and tie a pair of jeans into a knot.

Sound silly? It isn’t.

The point is, when the jeans are too tough and stiff, it is very difficult to tie them into a knot.

2 pairs of jeans

We chose a pair of traditional denim jeans which almost has the same cut and length to compare with. These two pairs of jeans have both been worn for a year by the same little boy.

make a knot

Ta-dah-lah! The traditional denim jeans only just made it. On the other hand, it is so much easier to tie our Mida jeans into a knot or even two knots – it just like tie a knot with a scarf!
Traditional denim material is durable and comfy for adults to wear but it can be too rough on tender young legs. We believe that boys clothing needs to be as durable as denim but at the same time soft and comfortable.


What little boy does not like train?


Train Track Fabric designed by Saffron CraigGuess what? These jeans are designed with an enthusiastic little train lover in mind!
My son, Thomas (yes, real name) loves trains. He plays his trains and tracks on the ground for hours every day. When he plays, he certainly needs a pair of durable yet super comfy soft jeans embellished with train themed fabric…
Thanks to Saffron Craig, who designed this “train running on track” fabric pattern especially for Mida.
Every little boy deserves a pair of Mida train track jeans. Shop now from here.

Boys Denim Jeans MIDA Train Track hemed

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