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Warm Winter Pyjamas


warm winter pyjamas for boys

Keep your little boy snuggly warm!

What’s Cool At Mida


Here at Mida we’re ready for winter.

Ready for those cozy evenings drinking hot chocolate under a warm blanket. Ready for that last goodnight cuddle before bedtime on a chilly winter’s night.

So we’ve made sure our winter pyjamas are also ready. Because although little boys may act like big boys during the day, at night time they need to be tucked up in bed and kept toasty warm all night long. So make sure you stock up on sweet, warm winter pyjamas.



100% Cotton Winter PJs


See, the great thing about our pj’s is that they are not made from nasty synthetic fabrics. Instead they are all lovingly made from 100% cotton.This means the cotton will breathe and not only keep your little boy warm on an icy evening, but will also keep him cool and comfortable while he nods off into dreamland. So he is not going to be waking up hot and sweaty during the night and he won’t have that “getting up chill”.


Boys Car Pjs

MIDA Car Pjs

Our designer winter pyjamas are not just made for comfort, they also look adorable! With the matching long sleeve top and pajama pants, they are perfect for that special little man in your life. They’re playful and they’re fun. No matter if he is car crazy, obsessed with trains or loves soccer, we have a pair of winter pyjamas that are the ideal match for him. What little boy wouldn’t love to continue playing after his bath time? With our unique PJ sets, he can drift off to sleep dreaming of the train or the stripy whale on his pajama top…. or maybe even the wide eyed owl!


So if your little boy is going to be playing with the boys at a sleepover or even just relaxing with the family at home this winter, make sure he’s wearing some of our gorgeous, warm pyjamas. Soft and comfy, they are just what he needs when he is finally tucked up in his bed.


MIDA Boys Train Pjs - handcrafted train

Pjs with handcrafted train

At Mida we make sure our clothes are not only beautifully sewn, but are tough and made to last. So for winter pyjamas that are cozy, warm and ready to take on the whole winter (and even winters to come), head on over and see our super boys pyjamas selection.

Your little boy will be sure to enjoy his new winter pyjamas……sweet dreams!


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Kids Pyjamas


What’s hot in kids pyjamas?

What’s hot in kids pyjamas? Well, hopefully not your kids, for starters! Getting pyjamas right for the season is the first step in ensuring your children get a great night’s sleep. Pyjamas also need to be comfortable – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. Check out some of the latest trends and our practical suggestions for choosing kids pyjamas.


kids pyjamas


Fun and practical is the right combination for kids


boys stick horse pjsKids do a few strange things while they sleep. We all toss and turn through the night occasionally, but kids can manage to get their feet up the wall or their heads at the foot end – and remain fast asleep! Their body temperatures also fluctuate during the night, and they are not always capable of getting their covers or blankets in the optimal position. Both girls and boys pyjamas therefore need to allow freedom of movement and flexibility in temperature.  100% cotton pyjamas are ideal as they allow the skin to breathe, and wick moisture away from sweaty little bodies.  Cotton pyjamas can help your child regulate their temperature, staying cooler in summer and warmer in winter.   It’s also a soft, flexible fabric which offers maximum comfort.   (Check out our selection of boys cotton pyjamas)

For winter kids pyjamas, look for outfits with legging-style pants, or fitted cuffs, as these are less likely to ride up overnight. And don’t forget kids need pants that are easy to take on and off for overnight trips to the little boys (or girls) room. There’s been a huge trend in the northern hemisphere this winter for ‘onesies’ – all in one jumpsuits for all ages. It’s a fun idea, but it is probably more practical to go for coordinated separates in comfortable fabrics with elasticized waists to reduce the risk of night time accidents.


Fun and fashionable pyjamas for big boys and girl


Boys Clothes MIDA Fishman Pjs

Few people are likely to notice what a newborn baby wears to bed, so comfort is the most important consideration. As kids get older though, their pyjamas become a fashion item like any other clothing. Help your children choose funky kids pyjamas they’ll love to wear. They’ll enjoy showing off their unique style at grandma’s house, first sleepovers or school camps. Colour trends at the moment include bold navy and red in combinations of stripes and block colours. There’s also a huge range of original characters and emblems available in kids pyjamas these days – you don’t need to go for the same old licensed characters (or worse, Beiber!)

Kids pyjamas need to be practical to facilitate a solid night’s sleep, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. Help your child choose unique pyjamas that they’ll love to wear in colourful, comfortable designs.

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Boys Clothing Sizes


Make clothes last longer by choosing the right size!

Boys clothing sizes are designed to correspond roughly with their ages, especially for preschoolers. An average 1 year old, for example, will probably fit a Size 1 shirt for at least the first half of the year. But it’s not always that simple…. Sizes can vary between brands and kids can grow overnight! It can also be useful to think about how different fabrics or designs of clothing for little boys might work differently in terms of fit. Choosing the right boys clothing sizes can make a real difference to how long clothing will last, as well as how comfortable it feels.

boys clothing sizesLook beyond the label

Choosing the size that corresponds with age is an easy rule of thumb, and a great place to start, but you don’t need to rely on the label alone. If you are not able to try a piece of clothing on, remember that many brands also display a measurement guide in store or on the back of clothing labels. If shopping online, check whether the site has a size guide for children’s clothing; many online stores now offer comprehensive charts including arm span, back length and inseam measurements. Run a tape measure around your son – if you can get him to stand still long enough – and keep the results as a guide when buying his outfits online (at least until the next growth spurt!). It can be harder if you’re shopping for clothing as a gift, but go for a bigger size if in doubt – it won’t be long before they grow into it!

Dressing your boy for comfort and cost-saving

Everyone loves an item of clothing that fits like a glove, but the trouble with kids is that they grow so quickly! Something that is a perfect fit on Tuesday may literally be too small by the weekend. It can be tempting to buy boys clothing in larger sizes in the hope that your child will get more wear out of an item. Boys, however, are notoriously active! If clothing is too baggy, it can rub and irritate, especially in some of the tougher fabrics used in boys clothing, like denim and canvas. You also don’t want your son tripping over his hem as he enjoys play time – it’s dangerous, but it also damages the clothes!
To get a better fit, along with a longer life for the garment, look for trousers with hems that can be rolled up (or taken up, if you’re a sewer) or shorts with adjustable waists or belts. Summer pants or pyjama bottoms in lightweight fabrics can look just as cool if they turn into shorts when your boy’s legs get longer.
Choosing elasticized tights, pants and PJs can also grow with your boy, but be sure to select natural fiber blends for softness and comfort.

Sizing by brand – where cheap boys clothes “fall down”

Buying from a trusted and reputable brand doesn’t just mean getting style and design chic, it usually means a little generosity in fabric. A little extra at the seams, a little extra length and some well made, stitched to last quality to grow into and through. Always check the sizing charts as generous sizing often indicates quality.
Choosing the right boys clothing sizes is not just about the number on the label. Using your son’s actual measurements as a guide and playing around with different designs and fabrics can help ensure you choose gorgeous boys clothes that are practical, comfortable and long lasting.

Get help choosing the right boys clothing sizes using the online measurement tools at


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Funky Boys Clothes – funky fish range

Boys get funky at MIDA – we believe boys clothes deserve to be funky and cool!


funky boys clothes

Denim weight boys shorts

There is certainly a scarcity of jazzy funky boys clothes that are created with little boys daily activity in mind.

In response to the market demand, we approached one of Australia’s premium fabric designers, Saffron Craig (, and asked if she could develop a boys-only funky fabric pattern for hip modern little boys.

Our 3-year old son was in love with goldfish at the time, so we asked Saffron to draw a big-eyed fish in a cute way. Well, Saffron has certainly nailed it. The big-eyed funky fish has made quite a big splash!


Are you looking to gift that little young man in your home with funky boys clothing?


cool boys clothes

MIDA funky fish outfit

Well, this is certainly the best gift you can give to a little boy who is just beginning to explore the beauty of the world.

Kids, more so boys, look quite cool in trendy designer clothes such as a funky pair of shorts, a tank top and a matching sun hat. There is nothing that would delight a young boy at his adventurous age than walking out to the beach or park clad in a pair of funky designer shorts and a matching hat.

Choosing cool shorts for boys that add fun to any activity the young man engages in should not be a daunting task for any parent.

Our funky shorts for boys come in various designs, color and sizes for that young boy between age 1-6. The material used to design these cool shorts is strong enough yet comfortable to provide any adventurous boy with no limits when playing and exploring the beauty of the world.

You are sure of getting cotton shorts for your toddler that is loose and airy to give him the comfort when playing around for longer hours.

If you have been looking for funky clothes for boys why look further? With MIDA Funky Fish range you are sure of saving a lot of money and getting the most durable pair of cool shorts for your little boy back at home.

funky little fellow

Such a funky little fellow

funky boys streetwear

funky boy streetwear












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MIDA for Boys Clothes They’ll Love Too!


Boys will be boys. And here at MIDA that’s what we love about them!

MIDA is different in its approach to boys’ clothes. By designing and producing clothing for boys based on the unique Australian environment and culture, you can be sure you’re buying boys clothes that your little guy will want to wear.




Boys. Not girls. Boys. Not men. Yet! It’s so frustrating to see so many gorgeous girls’ clothes but so few lovely clothes for boys online!

We are all about creating the most adorable, stylish and dapper outfits for your little man! You’ll love the original, exciting designs, not to mention the durable “boy proof” quality!

From boys pjs to toddler clothes and everything in between, MIDA caters to the rough and tumble of those gorgeous little boys you call sons, grandsons, nephews and friends.


At MIDA, boys rule and our boys clothes rock!



Boys Clothes MIDA

Boys Clothes MIDA Fishman Pjs

Boys Clothing MIDA summer pyjamas

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