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Mida. Little. Big. Toddler. Clothes Just for Boys!


Boys Clothes MIDA Spiderman Pyjamas

Spider Man Returns

At Mida, we are dedicated to make fashion for boys whether that’s designer baby wear, toddler clothes or boys outfit for the bigger little man.

Mida caters for one to six year old boys only! So we specialise in boys clothes – unique and gorgeous but tough and ready for adventure – just like your little boy.


Mida – It’s Tommy’s take on Mr!


Boys Clothes MIDA Train Track hemed Jeans

For Little Train Lovers

Our design inspiration comes from our favourite little guy, two-year-old Tommy. He is our inspiration in a small, but very active package! Our toddler treats clothes like all little boys treat their clothes – as their superhero suits, designed for adventure!

Tommy’s inspiration comes from everyday activities that are fun and interesting. From favourite toys and activities to interesting birds that stop and say hello, these toddler clothing have to be as tough as Tommy. Boys pants for Tommy have to be up for crawling, climbing, falling and rolling.

Part of the joy of boys is that rough-and-tumble lifestyle. So we know toddler clothes get muddy, baby clothes get grotty and big boy clothes get pulled and stretched. We also know that part of being a mum is the joy of seeing your gorgeous little man looking fabulous.

Why Mida? It’s how Tommy says Mister. And since we’re all about little Misters, Mida seemed like the perfect choice.


Comfy baby, toddler and boys clothes and pyjamas


Funky Boys Clothes MIDA outfit

For Cheeky Little Boys

Cotton clothes make up a big part of our collection so you know our toddler and boys designer clothes will be super comfy too. We ensure our clothes are so comfy that your little boy won’t take them off….ten times a day… And at Mida good designs don’t stop when the sun goes down, with boys and toddler pyjamas that make getting ready for bed something to look forward to.

We’re all about baby, toddler and big boys clothes because we’re all about baby, toddlers and big boys!


Mida – Clothes and pjs from our little Aussie Bloke to all little Aussie blokes!


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